Biscotti di Regina

Preparing Biscotti di Regina
Preparing Biscotti di Regina

Biscuit dough…similar to pastry dough? Ah, we’ll draw that connection.

Biscotti di Regina has a homely ring to it. A light, buttery biscuit with distinctive vanilla undertones, and a soft inner encased in crisp sesame seeds, it’s comfort food at its best – especially when dunked in hot chocolate. Although I have no Italian, let alone Sicilian, heritage it brings to the surface memories of sitting on the kitchen bench as a wee lass of four with my grandmother. I’d measure out flour, coconut, brown sugar – the essential ingredients for ‘ANZAC slice’ or a fruit crumble. Continue reading


Burgers & The Brioche Bun


Burgers. Slap some sort of protein between two halves of bun, jazz it up with extra meat/cheese/vegetable garnishes, drench with sauce and voila! A professed people pleaser.  Huh. As a committed vegetarian, burgers – unless made by moi – are approached with caution. Encounters with starchy, soggy, bland patties are all too familiar.

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Tarte Tropezienne

Tarte Tropezienne

The Saint Tropez Pastry.

Saint Tropez, synonymous with starlets and luxury, is home to an ingenue of it’s own. One of the pastry sort. A rich yet light and fluffy Brioche dough (thanks to oodles of butter and eggs), filled with pastry or butter cream and sprinkled with pearled sugar – the Tarte Tropezienne is simple yet stylish. Available either as a ‘cake’ large enough to satiate eight, or in delightful individual portions, it prefers the cooler climes of the fridge prior to serving. Continue reading